Selling Property

Selling a house is a big decision.  Not only is it most likely your largest investment, but also the place where you have spent many years and shared many wonderful memories.  It is emotional as well as financial.  By employing the right qualified professional, you can be certain to navigate the process of getting ready to put your home on the market, sell for the highest value, make sure your family is safe during the process, negotiating down to the tiniest details, and help you move forward to your next adventure.

Trained professionals can utilize their wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills to help you sell your property at the maximum profit possible. For persons thinking of selling their piece of real estate and are still not sure whether to recruit the services of a real estate agent, below are some reasons to consider doing so.


When beginning a search for a piece of real estate, buyers might be skeptical of private sellers. If you decide on selling privately, they may think that you have something to hide.  Typically they will also want to benefit from no commissions being paid to a Realtor.  Or they may want to employ their own buyer’s agent, which will leave you, the seller, without your own representation.   By employing a real estate agent, you instantly look professional and credible.

An experienced agent will negotiate not only the price on your home, but the terms of the contract, and the process of getting through inspections and repairs. Negotiating with buyers can be stressful especially when you have some emotional attachment to the property you are selling. Real estate agents will be able to execute the sale with an impartial view to get the best deal for you. When you employ a professional, you benefit from their experience and negotiating skills and get the best deal. Also, hiring a real estate agent helps preserve your confidentiality.


Real estate transactions come with a lot of regulations, bureaucracies, and paperwork. A real estate agent is familiar with all the paperwork involved in the sale of properties, and they will help you navigate through it. Trying to do this on your own will quickly turn your house sale into a difficult full time job.  Realtors work with contracts that attorneys are monitoring and making changes to every year to keep them current and protect their clients based on the the most recent lawsuits.  A Realtor that belongs to the California Association of Realtors also has access to an attorney who is kept on retainer.  All of this to keep you, the client in line with real estate law and out of the courtroom.

For persons in Chico, Paradise, and Durham, employing a real estate agent is the way to go as this will bring the least amount of disruption to your life. The real estate agent will compare prices of properties and give you the best value for your piece of property.  By comparing market trends locally and nationally, they can predict the best range to market your home for the best return in value.


An experienced realtor can leverage on their experience to find you the right price for your piece of property. Real estate agents have a complex network of associates and colleagues which they can call on at any time to get the latest scoop on the market value of properties.

Real estate agents just like other professionals have a mandate to give you an honest assessment of your property and at the same time act to give you the best price possible for your house. Leveraging on past experiences and current market knowledge, they can influence potential buyers towards the best possible sales outcome.


Before you begin negotiating the value of your property, you first have to attract potential buyers to the property. This is another area where the services of a real estate agent imperative. They can use their long-lasting professional relationship with previous clients and current agents to give your property the marketing that will guarantee a quick sale.  A good agent will market to many platforms of buyers to insure that every potential buyer is aware of your property.  Internet, online and offline marketing insures that you will get the best value possible.

A real estate agent in Chico, Paradise, or Durham, California will know all the means of advertisement which will get you a quick sale for your property. Also, with a complete breakdown of advertising and marketing options at your disposal, you can get an entirely realistic view of what costs to expect from the sale.  This will include Title and Escrow fees, Disclosure fees, Inspection fees, and other closing costs.